Garrett M. Eckerling, MD

Garrett M. Eckerling, MD is a board-certified family physician, dedicated to his patients.  After nearly twenty-five years in private practice in Grass Valley, CA caring for patients of all ages, he now serves as a compassionate Medical Aid in Dying physician, offering end-of-life care options to the terminally ill. 

After receiving his Medical Degree from the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo, he completed a Family Medicine residency at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).  After residency in Los Angeles near where he grew up, in 1998 he moved to Grass Valley, California to hang up his shingle.  His passion for medicine and dedication to patient care make him a trusted and respected figure in the field.  He is forever grateful to his patients for what they have taught him about life and death, and he is honored when asked to be part of someone's end of life experience. 

His commitment to humanity extends outside Nevada County, from New Orleans caring for those displaced from Hurricane Katrina, to the Native Americans on the Navajo Nation reservation after the outbreak of COVID-19.  Dr. Eckerling's relief work with the California Operation of Emergency Services Medical Assistance Team at fire camps, led him to his work on a team that set up an Alternative Care Site (similar to a "field hospital") in the Central Valley at the outset of the COVID-19 epidemic, when Emergency Rooms and Hospitals were overrun with the sick and dying.  That led to his recent work as a Hospitalist throughout California and Texas, initially caring exclusively for patients infected with COVID-19, but then as a general Hospitalist.  Dr. Eckerling's experience with death during the last few years of his practice, made him keenly aware of the need for the end-of-life physician.

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